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In the span of moments…

Fifteen years ago, the Roman empire fell at last. Not the Western Roman Empire – that Rome had long since been sacked by barbarians and invaders, its territories long splintered into their own kingdoms and fiefdoms. No, fifteen years ago, it was the Eastern Roman empire that fell. Scholars of the future would later call this the Byzantine empire. But to the people who live here, it was the sundering of an unbroken line: the Emperors of Rome were no more.

Constantinople lies in ruins…

Even now, gutted by fire, the once great capital stands as one of the greatest cities in Europe. Rivaled by few, surpassed by none.

But all is not well in this jewel of the East. Its walls are broken. Its divine protection? Gone. The Infernal and its agents stalk the streets. They drove the Crusaders to madness: feasted on their carnage, and they linger still.

But one city is a small thing…

Constantinople may be the greatest city in Europe, but never forget it was the seat of the greatest empire! The for far around are blessed and wild. Mountainous, the sea has ever been important. Mysterious, faeries and worse abound in the nooks and crannies of Greece and Asia Minor: powerful spirits, Olympian Gods, ancient heroes and the monsters of legend. Vis – the essence of magic – is plentiful, and the mages of this land prosper as a result.

This is the Tribunal of Thebes…

Egalitarian, democratic, enlightened. The Magi of Thebes look toward the past as well as the future: uncovering the secrets scattered around them as much as they push the boundaries of Hermetic knowledge.

This is a campaign using Ars Magica V, set in the Theban Tribunal. Where learned wizards pursue their craft while dealing with the many and varied things that vie to get in their way!

Players can head over to the wiki where they can find some books.

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