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Welcome to the covenant of Samos!

A young, Spring covenant, Samos is home to a troupe of fresh-faced and eager magi. Having recently passed their Gauntlet, they come to make (or unmake!) their own destinies.

The island of Samos is a beautiful place. Situated in the Aegean Sea, it sees warm summers and mild winters. Rain from the continent ensures drought is rare, and this – coupled with the Mediterranean climate – has made the isle famous for its wine.

The covenant itself is currently small: no more than a manor house and its attendant buildings. A village lies a short trek to the North, and further to the East lie the island’s two, small towns.

The young magi are not the first hermetic wizards to come to Samos, however. They are building on the site of a ruined covenant; the obvious buildings and walls that once comprised it long since torn down by farmers for their barns and walls – but what might they have missed…?

The covenant has the following Boons and Hooks:

  • Aura x 2; a minor boon, taken twice. The local area has an exceptional magical aura – and is no doubt the reason the site was chosen (twice!) to be a covenant. It starts with a magical aura of 5.
  • Healthy Feature x 2; a minor boon, taken twice. The climate of Samos is excellent. Gentle, and healthy – the good weather and sea breeze make for easy living, and strong people. +2 to all ageing rolls.
  • Hidden Resources; a minor boon, and a mystery! The previous covenant no doubt left a great many surprises behind. One that the new covenant may well find useful.
  • Conscious Space; a major boon. Samia, naiad and faerie Queen, has laid claim to Samos since ancient times. The island is her domain, and she knows all its coming and goings. She’s the patron of the covenant and – currently – a willing, albeit coy, ally.
  • Ruined Covenant; a major hook. The new covenant may be young, but the site is home to an old covenant, long gone. How and why the covenant fell remains unknown!
  • Indebted; a minor hook. The Council of Thebes granted dispensation to found the new covenant of Samos, and granted its magi a loan of vis to aid them in their early years. Repayment is expected in due time.
  • Regio; minor hook, counting twice. All the wells and watery caves of Samos lead to Samia’s domain. The covenant certainly has its share of wells, and entering the faerie realm within is a simple matter.

*Region Produce, a minor hook. Samos is renowned for its wine, and vineyards. It readily exports across the Byzantine territories and beyond, and the covenant is definitely in on the grape growing action.


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