Noah Jumieges of house Verdituis

Norman carpenter looking for ship building


Vital Statistics
Size: 0
Age: 28
Decrepitude: 0
Confidence: 0







Virtues and Flaws


  • Affinity With (art) (He)
  • Arcane Lore
  • Book Learner
  • Good Teacher
  • Inventive Genius
  • Puissant (ability) (Magic Throey)
  • Skilled Parens
  • Social Status: Hermetic Magus
  • Strong Faerie blood (Drawf)
  • The Gift
  • Verditius Magic


  • Bound Casting Tools
  • Close Family Ties
  • Continence
  • Difficult Longevity Ritual
  • Driven Major (make the hermitc order a reginal force)
  • Spontaneous Casting Tools
Name Rank Specilisation
Romatic Greek 4
Awareness 2
Living language Scandervian 2
Swim 2
Craft 5 Carpentor
Concentration 3
Leadership 1
Classical greek 5
Magic thory 5(7) Enchanting
Ars liberus 1
Parama magic 1
Finssee 2
Riding 1


Score XP
Creo 7 28
Intellego 0 0
Muto 6 26
Perdo 0 0
Rego 8 36
Animal 0 0
Aquam 0 0
Auram 0 0
Corpus 0 0
Herbam 12 55(83)
Ignem 0 0
Imaginem 0 0
Mentem 0 0
Terram 0 0
Vim 8 36

Spell List


Type Points Range Duration Target Description
Dance of the staves ReHe 5 Voice Momentary Indvidual Causes a pole, staff, haft, or any other
long, thin, non-living wooden object to bend
and lash about wildly for a few seconds and
then stop suddenly. A whirling staff strikes its
holder and does +4 Damage, with a possible
bonus if the weapon at the head of the pole hits
the person.
Coils of the entangling plants ReHe 20 Voice Concentration Group Animates all the grass and small plants
within a field delineated from side to side by
your outstretched arms and in front by no more
than 15 paces of distance. The plants grab and
wrap themselves around the people nearest to them (Strength stress roll of 9+ to break free,
rolled once per minute). If a roll to break free
ever botches, the victim cannot escape on his
or her own. With a Concentration roll of 6+,
you can release one individual a round.
Piercing shaft of wood MuHe 10 Voice Momentary Indvidual Turns a piece of wood into a sleek,
barbed, strong shaft that flies through the air at
a target. Damage depends on the size of the
item from which the shaft is formed: staff
(upper size limit) +10, 2-foot branch +8, wand
+5. This spell cannot miss, but it is resisted.
Herb of Virtue MuHe 10 Touch Moon Indvidual Increases the efficacy of one property of a plant far beyond natural limits, ie: a medicinal herb becomes twice as effective at healing the body, a poisonous herb twice as deadly, or a plant with a strong odor becomes much more pungent. Obviously, the caster must have a firm understanding of the plant’s properties.
The Ties that Bind MuHe 15 Voice Diameter Indvidual All of the target’s clothing made from plant materials snaps together and instantly reweaves itself, effectively entangling him. To break out requires a Strength stress roll of 9+, allowed once a round. Someone else can cut the trapped person free in one round.
Call of the Wizard’s Staff ReHe 10 Voice Momentary Indvidual With great force, equal to a person with Str 6, a staff or wooden shafted item is pulled to the caster’s hand.
Sense the nature of vis IeVi 5 Touch Momentary Indvidual You can tell what Art a supply of raw vis
is connected to. To you, the vis appears to glow
with an aura that is appropriate to the
Technique or Form that the vis is associated
with. Creo is white, Intellego gold, Muto constantly
fluctuating, Perdo black, Rego purple,
Animal brown, Aquam blue, Auram violet,
Corpus dark red, Herbam green, Imaginem
pearly blue, Ignem bright red, Mentem orange,
Terram dark brown, and Vim silver. Some of
the colors are very similar, but are easy to distinguish
if the item is held steadily and studied
for a few seconds.
Aegis of the hearth ReVi 5 Touch Year Bound Ritural See the book
Maintaining the demanding spell ReHe 15 Touch Diam Indvidual You cast this spell on a spell that you have
already cast and are maintaining through concentration.
The spell that requires concentration
is then automatically maintained for the
duration of this spell, whether you concentrate
or not. You cannot change the effects of the first
spell without concentrating on it again. For
instance, you can use The Unseen Arm (ReTe 5) to
hold an object in the air without concentrating,
but to move the object still requires concentration.
A Stamina + Concentration stress roll of
6+ must be made in order to cast this spell while
keeping the first one going (a lower roll than
normal because this is what the spell is designed
for). This spell only works on spells of equal or
lower level.
Circle of Eternal Spring CrHe 5 Touch Ring Circle This spell ensures that all plants within
the circle grow well. It has the same effect
as The Bountiful Feast (ArM5, page 135), but is
based on Ring Duration and Circle Target.
Ladder Of Ivy CrHe 15 Touch Sun Indivual This spell creates a sturdy ladder of ivy
that the magus or others can use to scale
any wall or (low) cliff. The ivy withers at
sunrise or sunset, and can reach up about
twenty paces..
Ring of Ever Bloom ReHe 15 Touch Ring Circle This spell forces the plant or flower to
continue to bloom even out of season.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Ring).
Trap of the entwining vines CrHe 15 Voice Sun Group Causes strong, woody vines to grow
rapidly from fertile earth. The vines cover a
circle 2 paces across and reach 6 feet high.
Anything caught within them is immobilized.
To avoid the vines, the target must make a
Quickness – Encumbrance stress roll of 9+. To
break out requires a Strength stress roll of 12+
(allowed once a round). Someone not trapped
can cut a trapped person free in two rounds,
assuming proper tools. The vines weaken and
wither to dust at sunrise or sunset
Probe nature’s hidden lore InHe 4 Touch Mom Ind Tells you what kind of plant you are
touching. You also get an image of it in its natural
habitat. Works with plant products as well
as with plants themselves.
(Base 3, +1 Touch)
Hunt for the wild herb InHe 4 Touch Mom Ind When you cast this spell, you can smell
one sort of plant, and follow the scent, as long as
you continue to concentrate. You must have a
sample of the type of plant you are looking for.
A Perception stress roll of 6+ is needed to follow
the scent. If there is no plant of the relevant type
fairly close by (close enough to smell), you smell
nothing, although the spell still works.
Pass the unyielding portal MuHe 5 Touch Diam Ind Makes the wood of a door pliable, allowing
the magus to bend it open regardless of
most locks or bars.



Noah Jumieges of house Verdituis

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