Elena ex Mercere of Andorra

A character sheet example / template


Vital Statistics

Size: 0
Age: 12
Decrepitude: 0
Confidence: 0

Sigil: a brief feeling of déjà vu accompanies Elena’s magic. As if what’s happening has either happened before, or has always been like that and just wasn’t noticed before.


Helpful +3; Shy +2; Timid +1


Characteristic Score
Intelligence +3
Perception +2
Presence -2
Communication -1
Strength -1
Stamina +2
Dexterity -1
Quickness +1

Virtues and Flaws


Affinity: muto (minor, hermetic); Apt Student (minor); Apprentice (free, social); Deft Form: mentem (minor, hermetic); Flexible Magic (major, hermetic); Minor Magical Focus: transforming memories (minor, hermetic); Mutantum Magic (free, house – inherited); Mythic Mimicry (major, heroic); The Gift (free, special).


Bound Magic (minor, hermetic); Compassionate (major, personality); Curse of Venus (major, story – inherited); Humble (minor, personality); Legacy (minor, story); Covenant Upbringing (minor, personality); Tragic: communication – nervous speaker (minor, heroic).


Ability Score Speciality XP
Athletics 3 (running) 30
Area Lore (Andorra) 2 (personalities) 15
Artes Liberales 2 (ritual magic) 25
Awareness 3 (searching) 30
Charm 2 (adorkable) 15
Code of Hermes 1 (tribunal procedures) 30
Latin 4 (hermetic usage) 50
Lore (Order of Hermes) 1 (politics) 5
Magic Theory 4 (assisting in lab) 62
Occitan 5 (vocabulary) 75
Stealth 3 (being inconspicuous) 30
Survival 1 (plotting a course) 5



Technique/Form Score XP
Creo 0
Intellego 0
Muto 0
Perdo 0
Rego 0
Animal 0
Aquam 0
Auram 0
Corpus 0
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 0
Vim 0

Spell List

Name CT Level Range Duration Target Mastery Short Desription
Mental Balance +2 ReMe: 3 Personal Momentary Ind. Makes a change to the caster’s mental state.



Rego Mentem

Mental Balance
ReMe 3
R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Ind.
The caster makes a momentary subtle change to her mental state. The caster’s new attitude will remain until a situation changes it. Repeated castings of this spell can help a magus remain completely calm under many circumstances in which they might otherwise become frantic.
(Base: 3)

Possessions of Note




  • Winter: study Artes Liberales from Bashir (25 XP); new total: Artes Liberals = 25 XP
  • Spring: study Latin from Horus (20 XP); new total: Latin = 50 XP
  • Summer: study Magic Theory from Horus (20 XP); new total: Magic Theory = 20 XP
  • Autumn: study Magic Theory from Horus (20 XP); new total: Magic Theory = 40 XP


  • Winter: have Arts opened by Lucas
  • Spring: Assist Arachne with Operation Eternal Guardians (2 xp MT) new total: Magic Theory = 42 XP
  • Summer: Accompany Lucas through Iberian Tribunal (5 XP Code of Hermes); new total: Code of Hermes = 5 XP
  • Autumn: study Magic Theory from Horus (20 XP); new total: Magic Theory = 62 XP


  • Winter:

A young Mercere girl, recently moved to Andorra for her apprenticeship. Born and raised amongst her family at Harco, the Domus Magna of House Mercere, Elena was destined to be a Redcap like any other. Manifesting the gift, however, marked her as one of the rare and few Mercere with the potential to be a maga.

At the tender age of 10, she traveled to the Pyrenees and settled with her new master: relative, and fellow Mercere, Lucas.

Elena ex Mercere of Andorra

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